#FF Interview: Jami Gold

Please welcome Jami Gold as this week’s Friday Follow guest. It’s a day early, but who ever complained about getting a tasty treat in advance?

After taming a miniature invisible vampire, Jami Gold moved to Arizona and decided to become a writer, where she could put her talent for making up stuff to good use.  Fortunately, her muse, an arrogant male who delights in causing her to sound as insane as possible, rewards her with unique and rich story ideas.  Fueled by chocolate, she writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales that range from dark to humorous, but one thing remains the same:  Normal need not apply.  Just ask her family—and zombie cat.

Find Jami at her blog, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Goodreads. No, seriously. Go find her now. *thwacks a switch threateningly into her palm*

Hello, Mrs. Gold! Could you tell us a bit about yourself? What’s the quirkiest thing about you?

*laugh*  Please, call me Jami.  Hmm, I suspect everything about me is quirky, so I don’t know how to choose just one.  Then again, we often don’t have a clear sense of how weird we are compared to everyone else when our family and friends match our weirdness.

For example, I share my sense of humor with my family, so it feels normal to me.  If you’re familiar with the “Family Circus” comic in newspapers, you know they imagine invisible people running around their house as “Not Me” and “Nobody,” and these poor creatures are blamed for anything the kids do wrong.  (“Who spilled the juice?”  “Not me!”)  In my house, which is filled with paranormal/supernatural/fantasy buffs, a miniature invisible vampire takes the blame for everything, from misplaced keys to klutz-induced scratches.  Now that I think about it, we should name him.  Any suggestions?

Was there a defining moment that led to your wanting to be a fictional writer? Was there a defining moment where you nearly decided “to hell with it” and almost quit writing?

I’ve written on my blog how JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books inspired me to write a fan-fiction novel.  What I didn’t mention was why that was such a big deal to me.  The further we get from school/college, the more our brain can stagnate.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt stupider every year.  The process of writing, twisting words and sentences to make them go the right way, erased all that mind rot for me.  I knew then that I’d always want to write, and I’ve never been tempted to quit.

Could you give us a brief synopsis on your two novels you’re shopping: THE RESURRECTED and THE TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART?

In THE RESURRECTED, a stay-at-home mom is dragged into the middle of coup d’état between immortals.  Her resemblance to the current leader’s lost love makes her the perfect weapon for the traitor’s attempt to gain control.  Before she can go home to her family, she has to stop the rival’s plans, but it won’t be easy.  Especially when she dies—twice.

In THE TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART, which is set in modern day, the heroine must steal, er, “acquire” more treasure before she’ll be powerful enough to shape-shift into a dragon.  When a human man catches her in the act and detects her real identity, she suspects the worst, he’s a knight—and he knows how to kill her.  After he gives her a choice, she has to decide if she’ll change her ways, even if that means remaining vulnerable to her murderous father.

What inspired these two stories, and more importantly, about how many steamy scenes are there between the main characters? I confess, I’m most interested in some hot lovin’ between a dragon and a knight.

THE RESURRECTED started as “why would someone do that?” when I dreamed about the scene that is now the turning point at the end of Act One.  THE TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART started as a “what if” story when I knew I wanted to write about a female dragon character.  They both grew from there until I now have a hard time remembering where they started.

I’m afraid to say there aren’t any steamy scenes in THE RESURRECTED.  There will be some later in the series, just not yet.  However, there are quite a few scenes in THE TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART.  If the hero had his way, there would be a steamy scene every chapter.  *snicker*

How do you manage to continually come up with blog posts filled with great writing advice? More importantly, which color do you most liken writing to: red or blue? Why?

I’m able to come up with blog topics because I haven’t kicked my muse out of my head yet.  He pays his rent by keeping me in ideas.  We’re a good team.

Blue.  Don’t ask me why, it’s just my favorite color.  *smile*  Okay, I’ll fake an answer relating it to writing.  When I write, even when I feel like tearing my hair out, the experience is more psychologically torturous than physically violent.  Red seems more physical, and therefore, blue must be psychological.  *receives a high five from my muse for making up that on the spot*



  1. Thanks again for inviting me, Rachel! I had so much fun answering your questions (and your question about the short synopsis of my stories might have kick-started some new ideas about how to word my query letter – Woo hoo!). 🙂

    So does anyone have suggestions for naming my pet miniature invisible vampire? 🙂

  2. A mighty thanks again for agreeing to do the interview in the first place, Jami! I’m also glad to hear my interview may have helped in some small way in how to word your query letter! *fist bump*

    1. *and a high five* I can’t tell you how much I’ve struggled with the stupid thing, but for whatever reason, thinking of how I’d explain it to a different audience gave me ideas for how to approach it differently. 🙂

  3. Great interview, Jami! I learned alot about you from this interview. I was crackin’ up over here when I read about the mini-invisible-vampire, and I’m incredible curious to read TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART 🙂

    1. Yeah, I definitely have TREASURE OF A DRAGON’S HEART on my “to buy immediately” list. I don’t know what it says about me, but I am dying to read about some hot lovin’ between a dragon and a knight.

    1. Thank you, Joanna! Glad you like the header, and equally glad you stumbled across it!

      Also, I totally need an invisible blame-taker at my house. It’d make things sooo much easier. *sigh*

    2. LOL! at the blame-taker. *whispers* Honestly, I use him too for explaining the various scratches I get from being a klutz. (Oh man! The miniature invisible vampire must have attacked me again.) 🙂

  4. Hi Jami!

    Thank you for the interesting, informative & witty responses & for sharing here. Writing definitely annihilates the mind-rot!

    The small invisible vampire could be called… Claudia?

    All the best,

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