Waiting to hear back on queries is as much fun as eating that leftover bean casserole that’s been in the fridge for a month.

As some of you know, I’ve at last reached that stage where I’m querying agents. I thought I was prepared for the waiting stage, but I wasn’t. Sure, I had read over 9000 blogs about what it was like once you start querying, and I thought to myself, Pfft, I’m just jealous you’re there. Waiting-shmating. That’s the easy part.

Well, I was wrong. First, there comes the idealistic hope that your query and sample pages were so epicly-badger-face-eating-AWESOME that the agent drops everything that hour to email you back immediately.

So I rush to my cell phone (yes, I have the Legend of Zelda theme for when I get notifications; don’t judge me.) to check and see what I got. I hungrily click on my new email, and then disappointment smacks me in the face.

I try and go back to doing whatever it was I was doing. Usually I was writing, sometimes tending to those mindless household activities like washing the dirty dishes that I wish I was rich enough to have a maid do for me. Unfortunately, I’ve begun to obsessively check my cellphone even though it hasn’t made any noise.

No matter how much I glare or shout at the phone to alert me to new email, it remains steadfast in its silence. It has a far better poker face than I, and eventually I’m forced to huddle in the corner and wonder why my cell phone is giving me the silent treatment.

Thus has begun the Great Pre-Published Cycle. How’s your day going?



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