#WriteMotivation, Ahoy!

So I’ve been trying to join in on #WriteMotivation for a while, but I always missed the sign-up process. What’s that? You don’t know what the hell #WriteMotivation even is? Oh-ho-ho, then pull up a chair and lemme tell you a heartwarming tale of people cheering each other on.

If you’re on Twitter, you can easily follow #WriteMotivation. Here you will find a group of writers providing encouraging words, well-wishes, and in general motivating each other to meet goals. We’re a community. One that helps each other along, whether that’s someone volunteering to be a beta reader or someone just giving you a virtual hug. It’s there if you need it. If you think this is something you might be interested in, please feel free to pop in on Twitter and jump straight in.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, so I finally made this round of sign-ups for #WriteMotivation. That means I’m officially listed on the roster over on K.T. Hanna’s blog. Each Monday I’ll be posting an update on my goals for #WriteMotivation and also visiting other participant’s blogs to leave encouraging comments.

Here are the goals I’ve laid out for myself this month:

✖ Finish revisions on YA contemporary fantasy novel Harvester.  This is a big one. I want to start querying mid-August. This means I need my novel to be polished. I already have the first draft completed and since I took the time to do meticulous world-building and draw up a plot outline beforehand, I’m 99.9% confident there are no glaring plot holes to be fixed. I just need to worry about going through and tightening/fixing prose, adding in a few extra scenes to improve characterization, etc. I apparently write on the diet-coke side of things, so overall I’m looking to add an extra ten-thousand words to my novel.

✖ Revise again based on feedback from CPs. Again, another big one. I need to ship off my novel to beta readers and any critique partners willing to read the same drivel all over again, so I can in turn revise once more based on any feedback they give me. Obviously I’m hoping they won’t find any huge issues, otherwise my plans to start querying mid-August will be dashed. If it happens, it happens. Obviously I want the best material going out to agents. But these are my “optimistic” goals.

✖ Make a blog post once a week. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty shitty at keeping up with my blog. In fact, I totally forgot to do last week’s Medieval Monday post and I’ve yet to do today’s. It’s weird too. My entire life I’ve kept journals. I probably have about ten journals boxed up in storage right now. I guarantee every single page is filled up with stuff, front and back. I wrote on boring days, I wrote on exciting days. I wrote. Period. Typing is sooo much easier than holding a pen for hours (I get hand cramps pretty easy if I write any longer than five minutes with a pen). Yet I struggle to blog. Maybe it’s the knowledge that I can’t just vomit forth all my random thoughts onto the internet if I don’t want to be lynched by the internet people’s of the world, or maybe it’s because I’m older and less angsty. Who knows. But that’s my goal. Blog once a damned week (twice preferably if I remember Medieval Monday).

So, there you have it. That’s #WriteMotivation in a nutshell and the goals I’ve chosen for this month. Thor help me.




    1. Huzzah! Good luck with your own revisions!

      I set a pretty hard goal for myself since I want to finish everything in a single month, but I function best when trying to Jedi mind-trick myself into believing I must meet a life-or-death deadline.

  1. Great goals! And so glad you got to sign up this round! I just did a crit of the beginning of Harvester over on Brenda’s blog, and I think it has an interesting hook in there for sure. I’m sure you’re gonna rock the revisions!

    1. Thanks, Becca!

      Your feedback on the Voice Workshop was highly insightful! Everyone’s was! I’ll be trying to scale back some of the clothing details since it’s the main thing everyone commented on. The only reason I focused on the clothing description so much is because everyone in the mage world dresses unique. Some dress Victorian, some slightly steampunkish, and then the Marshalls totally look like cowboys in their breeches, waistcoats, and dusters. All they’re missing is a cowboy hat really!

      I’ll just have to try to find a way to sneak in those insights in a more subtle manner is all!

      1. Agreed – I think that’s a fabulous aspect of the world; it’s just a little front-heavy at the moment. Pulling it back from the beginning and weaving it in a bit later should be a quick way to give that opening more punch.

  2. You’re brave to have monthly goals. For the past three years I’ve limited myself to yearly goals, setting the bar high, of course. At the end of the year, I am proud of my successes and find renewed vigor in motivating myself to complete the incompletions.

    1. You may not know it should you ever see my house or meet me in person, but I need structure in my writing life to function.

      I have goals on top of goals. I have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. I have a small paper calendar (which I must post a pic of sometime) where I write in all my goals. When I complete a goal, I check it off with a green pen. By the end of the month, that little calendar is so full of scribbles it’s insane.

      Thanks for stopping in, H.B.!

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