A week devoted to my CPs and #WriteMotivation.

This past week I took a break from writing and devoted it entirely to critiquing/beta-reading for my critique partners. I managed to finish reading the first portion of The Eye of God for @RebeccaBlain and send back my thoughts on it, critique several chapters for @DyadicEchoes, as well as critique the first chapter of @HipHopDinosaur’s novel. Overall, I consider it a successful week. After holding myself to strict daily goals in regards to my writing, I needed a little time off, but wanted to continue being productive. Devoting a week to critiquing and showing my critique partners a little love seemed like the perfect way to do just that.

So, keeping that in mind, I actually haven’t really accomplished anything I’ve laid out for #WriteMotivation. I’ve tried to cheer on others a little when ever I’ve popped onto Twitter, but I’m having to work more double shifts at work yet again, so I’ve been a little more scarce as I adjust to the new schedule. This week shall be the start of my “srs bizniz” revisions though!

Also, this Saturday I’m heading up to Lawrence, Kansas with @KTHanna for a writer’s group meeting. There I shall meet face-to-face @DyadicEchoes, @CallMeBecks, and plenty of others! I’m super excited to have the chance to meet everyone for the first time. I’ll probably take pictures with my cellphone (like the dork I am) and post them up on my blog as bragging rights. So be prepared for my gushing about having met some of my fellow #WriteMotivation peeps next Monday!



  1. Critiquing sounds like a good achievement for the week, you’ll get there with your other goals.

    And meeting face to face some of the #writemotivation – ers? Awesome, do post your gushing!

  2. i find critique work invaluable to me. it helps me learn more about my own writing when i’m helping others with their writing. i’d say it was a pretty grea writing week. and soooooo jealous of your upcoming weekend with the #writemotivation gang! you know, oklahoma is connected to kansas, guys! *extreme sad face* have fun and do take puhlenty of pics!

    1. Definitely. I’ve learned plenty from critiquing. Its helped me to have a more critical eye with my own writing.

      And sorry you aren’t going! I’ll be sure to take pics and post them for y’all to see.

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