Medieval Monday and #WriteMotivation combo.

If you’re new to these here parts, every Monday I like to do what I call Medieval Monday. I highlight a specific term from the medieval ages, and expand on the definition of that term and describe its appearance. If there is something you would like to see featured in a Medieval Monday, hop into the comments and say so. Also, since I’m feeling a little lazy today, I’m combining my #WriteMotivation post into today’s Medieval Monday feature.

The gauntlet is what we’ll be taking a closer look at this week.

Smexy gloves. Yes, I said smexy.

No, I’m not talking about the 1985 video game by Atari. Gauntlets are essentially “armored gloves”. Gauntlets range widely in style depending on the culture and era, but the version people are most familiar with are the standard plate variety.

Because the hands and arms are vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat (seriously, who wants to have their fingers lopped off by an errant blow?), gauntlets were created. Gauntlets typically had an extended cuff to protect the forearm. The fingers, at least for the plate variety, had articulated sections to allow flexibility of the fingers but also protect them. Many gauntlets also had tiny spikes running along the knuckles. I’m sure you can imagine why. (Hint: It made for one nasty punch.)

Do you enjoy reading about and studying the medieval ages? Tell me! I love chatting, so don’t leave me alone here. Also, if you found this post useful or entertaining, give it a retweet on twitter, please. Thanks!

As for my weekly #WriteMotivation check-in, progress is coming along!

✖ Finish revisions on YA contemporary fantasy novel Harvester. I’m already halfway done with this! I was hyper-sensitive of “telling” and writing in a “passive voice” for my first draft, so the main thing I’m concentrating on in revisions is actually expanding on some of the world-building and scenes. Also, characterization. I’ve been expanding on characterization, honing and polishing each character’s personality and the dialogue they use.

✖ Revise again based on feedback from CPs. I haven’t made it to this step yet. I will soon though! Luckily, I had my CPs critique my first draft chapters, so I feel like my polished version will hopefully not have any major problems.

✖ Make a blog post once a week. I’m trying. I managed to accomplish this goal last week. Will try to this week to. This one should count as two, right? I mean, I just squeezed Medieval Monday and #WriteMotivation, clearly two topics, into one post.

So, there you have it! I hope everyone else is doing good on their #WriteMotivation goals! I’m sending good vibes out to all my writer friends.



  1. Way to go, Rachel! Your description of the Medieval Plate gauntlet is spot on (of course!). I love accurate descriptions of arms and armor. Very useful when writing in that genre. 😀

    As for the goals, you are seriously kicking butt! 😀 Way to go.

  2. Seems you are doing great with your goals, congrats! Also, I’m writing a medieval inspired fantasy so your Medieval Mondays are definitely useful 🙂

    1. Awesome, Kat!

      I’m always happy to meet fellow writers, but especially people who enjoy the medieval era too! I hope your WIP goes well for you!

  3. Hi, Rachel! I’m glad I found you. I have a YA fantasy set in medieval Wales (On a Wing and a Dare) that just came out, and I’m working on the sequel. Well, actually I’m surfing blogs and procrastinating, but with your awesome medieval bits I can count this as research!


    1. Excellent to hear, Linda!

      I’m glad my blog can count as both research and procrastination. I also think it’s awesome you have a YA novel sent in medieval Wales. I love medieval YA. I don’t think there’s near enough of it.

      Nice to meet you!

  4. Medieval Monday just sounds fun! Good job with the description of gauntlets. Too many people think they know what things are without bothering to really learn (myself included at times) so it is great to see you spreading knowledge.

    You are really doing a heck of a job on those #writemotivation goals! May this week be your most productive yet. Happy Tuesday to you.


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