New #WriteMotivation goals for August!

With July in the dust, it’s time to set some #WriteMotivation goals for the month of August!

✖ Post twice a week on the blog. Honestly, I want to start posting three times a week, but I figured I should be a little realistic and state twice. I suck at blogging. Which is sort of weird, because before I discovered the wonders of the internet (between the ages of 8 and 15), I dutifully kept a journal. I journaled the hell out of my journals. I probably went through at least two or three journals a year, and I led an incredibly boring life. I think most of my entries were useless, introspective, angsty kid stuff, but it was what helped lead me into fiction writing. Anyway, I’m wandering off track here. Point is: if I could journal every single day as a kid, I should be able to handle blogging twice a week as an adult.

✖ Visit other #WriteMotivation blogs and leave comments. Just like I need to work on blogging more faithfully, I would like to actually be more active in visiting other blogs and commenting there. I used to read other blogs all the darned time, but I’ve really fallen out of habit of that nightly ritual. Time to get back into the groove!

✖ Devote this month to giving some CP love. While I have a few various ideas stewing for novel ideas (I’m having a hard time deciding which to go with), I’d like to spend this whole month critiquing other people’s work. I’m a little behind in getting feedback to my critique partners and the first thing on my list is to catch up in all the material I’ve vowed to give feedback on. Once I catch up with my CPs, I do believe I’ll be putting out an open call on twitter to critique anything and everything, be it queries or beta-reading a full manuscript. So be on the look-out for that open call later this month if you have something you want an extra pair of eyes on!

That’s it. Those are all my goals for this month! This month is centered much more on social media and giving to others instead of writing. I think it’ll be a nice break and help recharge my batteries. Also, I always learn so much by donning Critique Hat and critically reading material not my own.

I hope everyone else has a good month and good luck in achieving your #WriteMotivation goals!