Memes and other things.

Brixton, owner of Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

When @BookaliciousPam (Pam van Hylckama) posted a picture of Brixton today, it was too cute to pass up. I obtained permission to make a meme out of the picture. Such a pouty little face, isn’t it? If you sift through my tweets, you’ll also find linked two other memes I created.

Anyway, I’m behind on posting my #WriteMotivation updates. Being as I’ve not yet accomplished any of the goals I set out (that being to make a blog post at least twice a week, leave comments on other blogs, and ship off feedback to my CPs), let’s just say I’m sitting at 0%.

We’re only halfway through the month though, so there’s hope yet that I’ll at least accomplish beta reading several manuscripts for people and sending back critiques. I am starting to accumulate quite a backlog of manuscripts, so I definitely need to get my tail in high-gear. I have about four I’m supposed to read, so yeah. Not to mention I have a few chapters of WIPs from my CPs that I’m also supposed to be reviewing.

Otherwise, I’m now a contributor to the blog YA Stands, so go check my debut post from today. It’s about the phrase “write what you know” and how it means so much more than what some people may believe. Go leave a bit of comment love. I’d love to discuss the topic and hear opinions.