#WriteMotivation and contests galore!

It’s September! (When did this happen?) That means it’s time for a whole new set of #WriteMotivation goals!

✖ Finish an outline for a new novel. I’m working on this one. I have about six solid ideas for a new novel. I’ve managed to pare it down to two ideas now. One is a YA Thriller, the other is a MG Mystery. Both are pulling at me hard, both are really screaming out at me.

✖ Post twice weekly on personal blog, as well as keep up with posts for group blogs. I’m close to accomplishing this. I already post once a week on here. I just need to throw a second post in there. I’m also featured every other Thursday on YA Reads, so be sure to tune in over there as well.

✖ Complete beta reading at least three manuscripts. I’m already close to accomplishing this goal! I just finished beta reading one manuscript yesterday. I’ll be starting on a new one tonight!

Ta-da! There are my goals for the month of September. They’re a bit slim this month, but Septembers are always cray-cray for me. My town has a gigantic music festival occurring this month, which means the town’s population explodes to about three times its original size as far as traffic goes and the wait lines at any grocery store.

Also, I’m about to make the rounds at every single blog participating in #WriteMotivation and leave an encouraging comment. This is something else that–while I didn’t make a goal of it this month–I intend to work on.

Lastly, there are a ridiculous amount of contests taking place this month. There’s #GUTGAA, #PitchMadness, #CAGI, and MSFV. So, you know, get involved or cheer others on. Whichever you please!



  1. Good luck with your goals! I’ve actually come to enjoy outlining and editing soooo much more than the drafting bit, so I wish I was outlining again but alas 😉 And I love your blog theme. Clean & easy to read. Makes me want to change my theme *again*. But I best not. Words to write 🙂 Happy September!

    1. Thank you! I rather enjoy the research and outlining process. I also don’t hate editing near as much as some people, but it isn’t something I would say I enjoy or anything. lol.

      Good luck on your goals as well!

  2. sometimes light would be nice. maybe next for me. i would looove to take part in all of the contests going on but i’m really trying to focus on this revision so i can get it out. gah! maybe i’ll just take a peek when i’m on break.

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