Medieval Monday: Saw Torture

If you’re new to these here parts, every Monday I like to do what I call Medieval Monday. I highlight a specific term from the medieval ages, and expand on the definition of that term and describe its appearance. If there is something you would like to see featured in a Medieval Monday, hop into the comments and say so.

I’ve decided to start having monthly themes, so for the month of September we’ll be seeing a torture device highlighted each Monday. This week’s feature is the Saw Torture!

I’ll be sitting cross-legged all day just from seeing this.

This is something entirely new to me. I’m not sure how widely used Saw Torture was, but it did exist. Possibly due to how common the tool was. Saw Torture was used on those who were accused of a wide variety of crimes, including witchcraft and adultery.

First, the victim was tied upside down, much like a deer being hung up to be dressed by a huntsman. Next, a long saw held by two people at each side would start at the groin and saw the person in half. Yes, you read that right. People in the medieval ages were sawed in halves back in the day.

The Saw Torture was also used to help pull confessions from people. A person would be forced to watch a loved one, acquaintance, or accomplice undergo this torture. The horror of watching a person suffer such a terrible fate, as well as the fear of being sawed in half next, was generally enough to inspire a confession.

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    1. Yeah. I believe most commonly the person they wanted to confess was made to watch it happen to someone else. Otherwise, if they were just after a gruesome punishment, then there really wasn’t a purpose beyond “here, have a painful death”.

      Also, I’m still totally eating lunch. lol.

  1. Gaaaaack! The picture alone (and your fabulous words of course) are seared into my brain until I die! I also love Medieval and Renaissance England factoids and minutia. Love the techo-weanie-gearhead-historical notes on real things! Go girl.

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