Second week check-in for #WriteMotivation!

Time to be held accountable for whether or not I’m keeping up with September’s goals!

✖ Finish an outline for a new novel. If only I could decide which novel to write! Yeah, you guessed it. I haven’t done this yet. I’m getting close though. I’m fiddling with a YA Crime Thriller set in a futuristic world at the moment.

✖ Post twice weekly on personal blog, as well as keep up with posts for group blogs. Check! I am doing this so far! Also, go to the bottom to get a link to my post over at YA Stands for today.

✖ Complete beta reading at least three manuscripts. Holy crap, I’m trying. I have five manuscripts I should’ve had read by now. Needless to say, I haven’t accomplished this goal and I’m hella’ behind.

Today I posted over at YA Stands about Genre Shaming. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

For those who don’t know, genre shaming is when a person makes derogatory remarks on a specific author or book due to its genre. For various reasons, said person believes this genre is an inferior brand of literature unworthy of their attention. They are often amazed anyone bothers to read this genre and possibly even scoff at and/or jeer those who do.

Young Adult has taken its fair share of knocks and bruises . Many people believe Young Adult is inferior in every way to Adult literature and that it’s only acceptable for children to read in this genre. The general line of thought from these people is that if you’re an adult and you’re reading Young Adult, it’s because you simply don’t possess the intellect needed to tackle the Adult genre.

Go on over to read all about it!



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