My greatest aspiration is to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, making sandwiches for my man. Amirite, ladies?

Yeah, the sarcasm in that title is so heavy I may have spilled a bit down the front of my shirt. But, seriously, are you fucking kidding me? Some genius has come up with a tablet they’re marketing as “specifically for ladies”. The ePad Femme comes pre-loaded with apps us lady-folk are defined by: cooking, yoga, grocery shopping, clothing size converter, and since all we’re good for is popping out babies like a manufacturing company, even a pregnancy app.

Could someone please explain to me how the ePad Femme isn’t sexist? How are we still not past the point of boiling down a woman’s interests to having children and weight loss? Furthermore, was a single woman consulted in the making of this gadget? I have to believe that if a woman had been included in the testing round, she would’ve told them how much of a hot mess the ePad Femme is.

Women don’t want apps pre-loaded into a tablet for them. We can think for ourselves and choose what apps we want. We don’t need something to be painted pink to like it. In this day and age, women expect to be treated as equals and not have gadgets designed for them based on their sex.

Sadly, sexist advertising is nothing new:

o-ADVERTISING-FAIL-570Yes, you’re reading this ad for Belvedere vodka correctly. Apparently some jackass thought making light of rape would be an awesome marketing gimmick. Give me a moment while I face-palm.

Maybe all these ad executives should take a pro-tip from this father. Mike Mika modified the classic Donkey Kong game so that the roles of hero and damsel-in-distress were switched around. Why? For his daughter. I want to see more of this mindset, that women are powerful and don’t need any knights in shining armor to rescue them. If some crackpot is going to design a tablet for women, then for the love of Thor, at least reflect that women have other interests beyond shooting out babies and scrubbing toilets.

*drops mic and exits stage*





  1. Well, that is quite horrifying. I suggest you rig up one of those antique confessional devices and invite the inventors of the ePad Femme (which I must say sounds like a feminine hygiene product with apps) and the Messieurs Belvedere over to, uh, play.

    1. Ha! You’re right. The name ePad Femme does sound like a feminine hygiene product with some tech-y stuff thrown in.

      I just want to shake the people that honestly felt this was an awesome idea.

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