Medieval Monday: 5 Strange, er, Unique, Medieval Artifacts

If you’re new to these here parts, every Monday I like to do what I call Medieval Monday. Each month has a certain theme, but the one thing every MM post will have in common is that it deals directly with the medieval age.

For the month of March, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday (which was the 2nd), each MM post will be highlighting the quirky and strange, while at the same time being fun and informative. After all, Dr. Seuss was all about writing fun, quirky stories that usually had a valuable lesson to teach. As always, if there is something you would like to see featured in a Medieval Monday, hop into the comments and say so.

For today’s Medieval Monday, I’m linking you to the 5 Artifacts That Will Shatter Your Image of the Middle Ages over on Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

I love the British, but this guy's teeth is just begging for a bad British joke.
I love the British, but this guy’s teeth is just begging for a bad British joke.

Yeah, I totally just C&P’ed a picture in. This thing is so outlandish on its own, I figured it’d be enough to get you to go read about it. And yes, despite its cooky appearance, it was made back in the olden days. Who knew crazy steampunk-type gadgets like this existed? I didn’t.

Also, notice something? This helmet bears a striking resemblance to a famous movie character:

Groovy, baby.
Groovy, baby.

That’s right. Austin Powers. Did I just blow your mind? Good. Now go read about all the other awesome artifacts.