Medieval Monday: Bizarre Deaths During The Middle Ages

If you’re new to these here parts, every Monday I like to do what I call Medieval Monday. Each month has a certain theme, but the one thing every MM post will have in common is that it deals directly with the medieval age.

For the month of March, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday (which was the 2nd), each MM post will be highlighting the quirky and strange, while at the same time being fun and informative. After all, Dr. Seuss was all about writing fun, quirky stories that usually had a valuable lesson to teach. As always, if there is something you would like to see featured in a Medieval Monday, hop into the comments and say so.

For today’s Medieval Monday, I’m linking you to a list of bizarre deaths during the Middle Ages. Here’s one of the more disgusting deaths you’ll find listed:

Edward II of England

After being deposed and imprisoned by his Queen consort Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer, Edward II of England was rumored to have been murdered by having a red-hot iron inserted into his anus. Other rumors however exist including that he was suffocated or strangled to death instead.

Can we mark this death down as one way I never want to die? I cannot even comprehend the horror of a red-hot iron poker coming anywhere near any part of me. No thank you.

Anyway, if you aren’t sufficiently scarred yet, go read about the other deaths. There’s some strange ones there. Enjoy!



  1. I believe the mode of death was meant to be a statement about his “lifestyle”. In those days nobody said “don’t judge”, or if they did, nobody paid attention.

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