Thursday’s Children: A Dream Within a Dream

This past week, I finally took the plunge into a new WIP I’ve been slowly prepping for. Its been long and tedious in the coming. My other YA contemporary fantasy, HARVESTER, has been my main project for nearly a year now. It’s gone through two major rewrites and multiple revisions. It’s had requests and its had rejections. Right now, I’m sitting on about eight partial/full requests, thanks to both a contest and cold querying.

With HARVESTER off into the world and not being fiddled with for the moment, I decided it was at last time to get to business with something new. My WIP is titled RELIC THIEF and is a Young Adult high fantasy. It’s set in an entirely different world from our own, which for me means: drawing a map, naming all the locations, writing essays on the history of the continent, the present civilizations, the magic system, and so on forth. I built an entire world; okay, well, an entire continent.

I’m not very far in my WIP at the moment. I haven’t even broken the 10k marker yet. However, my male main character (named Fellrin) is technically a bad guy. He’s a brooding, remorseful sorcerer who is going to use my female main character (named Juliette de Chesne) to  further his own designs and achieve his ultimate goal.

In my second chapter, Juliette’s attempt to steal a magic necklace from Fellrin’s treasure vault is thwarted by Fellrin himself. Instead of fighting, however, he invites her to dine with him. He has a suspicion he knows who hired her and he wants to find out. During the course of this dinner is where I take the opportunity to build up some characterization of both Fellrin and Juliette, but mainly Fellrin. I wanted to portray that there’s always an aura of dark mystique around him. He’s an anti-hero and I want him to feel completely different from a “good guy”, because he isn’t. Yet he isn’t the “villain” in the story either.

To help me write this scene where I want to convey something sinister about Fellrin lurking just out of sight, I decided I needed a sufficiently creepy, poetic, melodic song. So I introduce you to A Dream Within a Dream by Nox Arcana, Fellrin’s theme song:

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  1. I really love the bad/good guys that are in a class all on their own. Like the Darkling in Leigh Bardugo’s series.
    I’d be really interested to see that scene where he dines with her, I bet it’s fantastic 🙂

  2. Snape-lover here. Yes, even before we found out he wasn’t REALLY a bad guy. I also like Sean Bean, no matter how bad a baddy he plays. Having said that, up until my WIP my love interest guys have been basically decent sorts. Troubled, disconnected maybe, but not baaaad. 🙂

    1. I’ve found that I fixate the most on books with villains that have that sexy, deadly allure. I was also a huge Snape lover. I’m still angry that he got killed off, as well as the way in which he got killed. I think Snape deserved a far more epic death.

  3. Yeah, I love the dark, brooding bad guys that are complex. I recently fell in love with Warner from the “Shatter Me” series. Love the song 🙂

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