Medieval Monday: Head Crusher

While most torture devices seem to have quite creative names (see: Scavenger’s Daughter), the Head Crusher sounds relatively plain in comparison. However, the agony involved in using this particular device is anything but plain or boring.

This ain't your grandmother's juicer.
This ain’t your grandmother’s juicer.

I feel like this picture is pretty self-explanatory. The victim’s head is placed beneath the cap you see in the picture to the left. The torturer would then turn the top lever in a rotating motion. This would lower the cap, thus squeezing the victim’s head between the cap and the lower metal bar. First, the teeth would shatter and the jaw would break. Then, the eyes would burst from their sockets (some versions of the Head Crusher even had receptacles to catch the eyeballs as they popped out). Last, the skull would fracture, resulting in blood gushing from the nose and mouth, and brain matter leaking out the ears.

If the torturer wished to prolong and truly torment the victim, the torturer would strike the skull cap with something like a hammer. This would result in deafening pain to the ears and rattle the brains and body.

Do you have any torture devices you’d like to see featured?



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