Medieval Monday: Breast Ripper

Again, this week’s Medieval Monday features a torture device designed specifically for women. (Seriously. Women had it tough back then.)

Keep those things away from my chest.
Keep those things away from my chest.

The Breast Ripper was not only a torture device, but also a tool of punishment. If you were an unmarried women with child, facing the Breast Ripper was a possibility. As far as interrogation and torture goes, it was used on women convicted of heresy, adultery, blasphemy, self-inducted abortion (damned if you do, damned if you don’t apparently), erotic white magic (I have no idea, people) and a myriad of other crimes the torturer could think up.

As far as how the Breast Ripper was used, the name is self-explanatory. The claws, which were sometimes heated to red hot temperatures, were used to shred a woman’s breasts to tatters. While this device wasn’t meant to cause outright death, I’m fairly sure the woman often did die, either from blood loss or infection.

Today marks the last Medieval Monday featuring torture devices until October. Next month, the theme for Medieval Monday will be all about famous mothers from the Middle Ages, in honor of Mother’s Day.



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