Medieval Monday: Mothers in Medieval Literature

For the month of May, Medieval Monday is going to be highlighting famous mothers from the Middle Ages. Before we jump fully into that, consider this post something of a precursor, explaining the role of mothers in medieval literature.

You see, for the most part, mothers are underrepresented in medieval literature. And like with most things, women are only prominent in stories when they’re filling a specific role (usually at the demise of the male protagonist). All too commonly, women in medieval literature must be the wife of someone important or a chaste virgin the male protagonist finds visually appealing, to be a part of the story. When a woman isn’t one of these things, she’s usually the villain, even if she’s also a mother.

So, expect to see quite a few villainous mothers highlighted in upcoming Medieval Mondays. Also, apologies for today’s Medieval Monday being so abrupt and short. I have a manuscript I must proofread and return to Swoon Romance by this Thursday, so I’m relatively short on time to do anything else.

Have a great week everyone!


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