#WriteMotivation Check-in 1

Here are the #WriteMotivation goals I’ve set for myself this June:

✖ Complete 15k on new YA high fantasy WIP. I’m working on this one. I have the entire month of June to complete this goal and I’m fairly sure I can accomplish it.

✖ Complete 15k on new YA horror WIP. Again, I’m in the progress of working on this goal. I have till the end of June to get my 15k. However, I’m expecting my horror to be harder than the fantasy. I still haven’t finished my story outline and I can’t really start work on the horror until that’s done. (Yes, I’m one of those plotters who’s lost without outlines, notes, summaries, etc.)

✖ Read one craft book on writing a week. I have several craft books that I want to re-read. I feel as though I’ve forgotten much of what I read and really want to push myself to reach a new level with my writing. I want to keep improving. Right now, I feel as though I’ve plateaued, so I need to break that.

✖ Blog twice a week. Between taking part in Write Motivation and Thursday’s Children, I should have two blog posts a week. We’ll see how this one goes. I am notorious for having issues with blogging at a timely, constant pace.

Also, if you’re wondering where today’s Medieval Monday post is, it won’t be coming. I’ve decided to take a break on Medieval Monday once more. In its place will be Write Motivation for this month. If I feel I can sustain three blog posts a week, I may start doing Medieval Monday again next month. At the moment, though, I simply have too much on my plate with my editorial and submissions internships to tend to first and foremost.

If you are a fellow Write Motivation-er, thank you for stopping by! I hope we all meet our goals this month.

To everyone else, have a great week!

To read up on #WriteMotivation and see a list of other participants, click here.



  1. Hey hon, sounds like you’re already having a great month. If you decide to start medieval Mondays again feel free to slot writemotivation to a different day. It’s not a hard and fast rule just a guideline.
    Will you list the books you read? I have so many I just never get around to. I’d love some recommendations.
    Good luck with June 🙂 Go Go!

  2. Great to see you joining in! ❤ *hands you cookies and does the DinoDance*

    Awesome goals! Good luck on them! But don't cut yourself down if you can't make them. We all know too well how life interrupts plans! 🙂

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