#WriteMotivation Check-in 2

I’m not going to lie. This past week in accomplishing my goals has been a complete fail. I may have been too idealistic when setting these. I’ve been busy with my day job (double shifts out the wazoo, y’all), busy with my internship responsibilities, not to mention trying to wrap up some beta reading and family life.

Anyway, here’s where I stand as of now:

✖ Complete 15k on new YA high fantasy WIP. Lol, nope. I haven’t written a single word. Okay, that’s a lie. I revised my first chapter, which maybe added an extra 500 words. That’s for the whole week, though, guys. *facepalm*

✖ Complete 15k on new YA horror WIP.  El-oh-el. I haven’t even finished the story outline for this em-effer. So, yeah, I definitely haven’t written a single thing for this project.

✖ Read one craft book on writing a week. I haven’t even finished beta reading. Craft books are out of the question. If you’re interested in what I have lined up to read, it’s Scene & Structure by Jack Bickham.

✖ Blog twice a week. The one goal I’m managing to accomplish! *throws confetti*

I hope the rest of my Write Motivation compatriots are faring better. To everyone else, have a great week!

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  1. It’s totally ok…you still have over half s month to go! Even if you don’t manage everything, one word is progress and progress is good! *dangles cookies in front of your nose for motivation*

  2. I’ve written about 1000 words all month so far, so don’t feel too bad. Life and family take a lot of time. The important thing is that you try. These are goals to give you something to strive for. There is NO failure in #writemotivation.

    *throws dino ninja flaming zombie #writemotivation pompom cookies*

    1. Thanks! It’s just so frustrating when you try, but can’t ever seem to find the time and/or energy to write. I definitely make time to write, but sometimes I can’t find a slot until it’s so late at night my brain is already half-fried.

      But you’re right. There is no failure in #WriteMotivation!

  3. I haven’t accomplished any of mine, either. Not even the blog post. In fact this is the first post I’ve got around to reading (sorry everyone, I will try to catch up with you all). So don’t worry, and keep trying. 🙂

  4. My first week I thought I wasn’t productive, but doing my #writemotivation post, I found out I didn’t do half bad. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. Sometimes we just have weeks were nothing happens. Plenty of time left in the month to reach those goals. =)

  5. It’s not failing – especially with so much left of the month.
    Also, if it’s not realistic then at least you’re learning what pace is realistic. This is a big win!
    And truthfully? While beta reading is not in itself a craft book, beta reading definitely helps develop your craft.
    I think you’re doing well.
    Here’s to a great rest of June.

    1. Thanks! I generally have a good grasp of my work pace and what I can get done in a month, but I don’t think I accurately factored in how exhausted I’d be after working double shifts. Oh well. I still have half the month to go! Good luck with yours!

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