Thursday’s Children: Revisiting villains in movies.

thurschilbadgejpgIt’s been some time since I worked on my high fantasy WIP, RELIC THIEF. Now that I’m coming back to it with a vengeance, I needed to recapture the feeling I wanted for the MC’s love interest.

Fellrin is a complicated character to write. He’s a brooding sorcerer who is remorseful over his past failure to save his little sister from dying. He’s also powerful and incredibly arrogant. Those two factors are what led to him accidentally killing thousands of people in a single instant. (Sorry I’m being vague, but I don’t want to post any plot spoilers.) Because of all that, Fellrin is now somewhat embittered, angry, and hell-bent on both revenge and proving to himself–and the world–that he can achieve what he originally set out to do.

In short, Fellrin is the villain of the story. He’s a person with altruistic intentions, but ultimately commits great evil in the pursuit of his goals.

So I got to thinking about the sources of inspiration to create Fellrin. Once I sat down and really thought about it, I came up with a specific list of characters who’d contributed to the creation of Fellrin. I had taken all the parts I loved most from those characters, stuck them in a blender, and made Fellrin.

#1 Severus Snape

Is there no one more severe, more grim, more awesome, than Snape from the Harry Potter series? The character traits I most admired from Snape were: his cold demeanor, his barbed wit, and him being an anti-hero.

#2 The Darkling

When I think of a sexy villain, the Darkling from Shadow & Bone is right near the top of the list. He may not be a villain in a movie, but well, I’m sure he will be some day! Traits I took from him: dark and sexy all at the same time and his willingness to do anything to achieve his goals.

#3 Loki

Loki from The Avengers is a gift of a character. I absolutely adore him. The traits I took from him are: his cunning mind, his Machiavellian tendencies, and his keen intelligence.

#4 Kahn

The latest Kahn played by Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing. About 70% of the reason why I loved the newest Star Trek movie so much was because of him. Traits I favored from Kahn are: his lethal combat skills, his genius, and his cold detachment accompanied by a fierce protectiveness of “family”.

So, there you have it. Those are all the characters that, once I sat down and mapped it out, could link Felrin’s creation to. Reading up about these characters once more, or watching the movies, helped me find my inspiration once more.

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