Pay It Forward Giveaway for August 2013

pay it forward1dividerHello, marvels! Welcome to the very first Pay It Forward Giveaway!

In case you haven’t heard about what the giveaway is about, here’s a quick rundown:

Pay It Forward–as the  name suggests!–is all about giving back to the publishing community. Its been a lifesaver to be a part of this wonderful, online family and I’ve learned so much thanks to everyone. Now, I want to give back and help others using the skill sets I’ve learned due to my internships and book deal. It’s my hope that other people will get involved in the Pay It Forward Giveaway and spread the love. Taking part is as simple as grabbing the button code found in the sidebar, posting it up on your website, and holding your very own giveaway! For a more in-depth explanation, click here!

Now, with that said, here’s what one lucky person will win from my giveaway:

  1. An in-depth critique of the first 50 pages of your manuscript. This critique will include copy edits and a detailed editorial letter commenting on things such as pacing, voice, and character development.
  2. A $25 Amazon gift card. Go forth and buy books!

This giveaway is open to everyone in the publishing community, not just writers. If you are a reader, reviewer, or blogger and want to enter, do it! If you don’t have a manuscript to be critiqued, but want the gift card, no problem! Upon winning, simply let me know you wish to waive the critique prize and I’ll have the rafflecopter choose a secondary “runner-up” winner who will instead get the critique prize. Also, be sure to either watch the #PIFG hashtag on Twitter for Pay It Forward Giveaways elsewhere, or check out my Twitter stream for retweets and announcements of other giveaways!

Good luck to all entrants and I hope you decide to Pay It Forward in the future!


Click HERE to be taken to the Pay It Forward Giveaway rafflecopter!



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