Back to blogging!

Well, it’s certainly been a while.

After several hours of reviving the site, and suffering several allergy attacks from the immense buildup of dust on here, I’m relatively happy with the new layout.

I’m also proud to say I’m back to seriously writing. Lemme just say that doubt is a crippling monster and it can sink its hooks into you and not let go for a long time. I had some terrible luck with the publisher I signed HARVESTER with going belly up due to sketchy business dealings. At the same time, I resigned from working as a Submissions Coordinator and editorial intern with a small press due to questionable practices there as well. Both happening back-to-back seriously damaged my morale and motivation, and I’m ashamed to admit I gave up on myself for a long time.

But I’m back and prepared to go through the grind of writing a novel and querying literary agents once more. Giving up hope is never the right course of action. I’ve since stuck HARVESTER in the drawer and am now working toward finishing my YA High Fantasy novel titled RELIC THIEF.

It’s good to be chatting with all my writer friends online once more. I’ve missed all of you.