Writing Projects

I’m a fantasy enthusiast. I definitely have a heavy leaning toward high fantasy, and can still remember the first time I read The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley. That book inspired me and introduced me to my love of fantasy. I’ve been a book junkie ever since. Another one of my favorites as a kid was Animorphs by  K. A. Applegate and Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. I used to have dozens of boxes filled with the entire series to both, but they’ve since been donated to various places.

My dream is to one day write a book as meaningful to someone else as those books were to me.



YA Dark Epic Fantasy
*NEW* Completed [6.22.17]


Seventeen-year-old resistance fighter Sidara has a wit as sharp as her sword and nothing left to lose. Each day, she recites her reasons to kill the Matron:

An unnatural illness killed her family when the Matron visited.
(Along with thousands of others, all magi)

Her kingdom was conquered.
(With all the magi dead, her kingdom was defenseless against the Matron’s airships)

A building crushed her best friend and first love.
(When the Matron invaded, the airships destroyed half the city)

To reclaim her kingdom and defeat the Matron, Sidara teams up with a genderfluid sorcerer named Fellrin with the power to destroy the entire fleet of airships. The catch? Fellrin’s powers are sealed and can only be unlocked with a magical artifact hidden in the Matron’s impenetrable floating palace.

However, when Sidara discovers Fellrin is the one responsible for the very illness which killed her family and thousands of others, she must choose: take revenge and doom her people to be forever ruled by the Matron, or use Fellrin’s magic to free her kingdom at the cost of justice for her family.


YA Horror

Sixteen-year-old Liz is excited to start her archaeological internship in Bolivia, but wasn’t counting on dealing with her Machiavellian ex-boyfriend, or a bloodthirsty creature of legend.


YA Horror

Five friends go camping at a popular riverside music festival. While navigating their complicated relationships, they fall prey to a ravenous monster.

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